IMG_0111 I am Ron.  I’m Tina’s man, Cole and K-man’s dad, patron of Orapax, and a tin soldier slowly turning to flesh with the help of Jesus.  It is an inside-out process, so I’m still pretty “tinny” looking and sounding on the outside.

I am a teacher, writer, speaker and counselor.  I work with couples to improve their marriages (both before and after their weddings), I consult with pastors to help them set and keep their vision, I teach people how to live with the gospel as their center, and I am a public speaker.  I am the author of the book, The Elephant in the Bar.

My wife and I reside in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Its where we landed in ministry following a little more than 10 years in the Navy.  I was in the Navy’s Nuclear Power Program as an enlisted man, and received a NROTC scholarship to Old Dominion University in Norfolk.  After two sea tours and a shore tour as an Navy Intelligence Officer, I left the Navy to work in ministry at a local church, where I’ve worked ever since.  I hold degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Biblical Studies, and Human Services Counseling.

3 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Brayden – thank you. we love seeing your updates and how the Lord has blessed you with a beautiful family. The book is not technically “out” yet. I’m working with an agent and trying to find a publisher right now.

      • The Lord has definitely blessed me. I’ll be praying for your book to get published. Have you thought about self-publishing through ebooks?

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