How to Be Moved

resonate (‘rezu`neyt)
from Latin [re – again, sonare – to sound]ripples

Years ago my office was in West Ghent.   It was on a street dividing the industrial part of the borough from the residential part.  There was a lot of traffic.  Big trucks making deliveries to the shipyard or coming from the coal piers.  One day a truck sat idling near my front door.  I didn’t notice it immediately, but the awareness of it’s presence emerged into my consciousness.  It’s dull rumble stirred the surface of my coffee.  I felt the sound in my chest.  It was not unpleasant.  A deep and steady bass.  I resonated.  The truck’s movement was partially my own movement.   I was not touching the truck, but the truck was touching me. 

We are made to resonate when God speaks, and He is always speaking.  God’s voice is a deep steady bass line.  Sometimes it stirs things around us and touches them before it touches us.  If you haven’t heard Him yet, the best way is to be still.  Stop your own movement so that you can be moved.  He has something to say to you.  He isn’t playing hide and come seek with you.  He split time open to make the way to your chest; to make the way for you to resonate with His words.  He is saying something simple.  He is saying He loves you.  That’s it.  He is confident in this one message.  The power in it, the resonance of it.  A child just out of the womb has no mental capacity to comprehend words and yet he is stilled by the sound of his mother.  He was formed together with her.  He was connected to her.  He knows what cannot be known, but can only be felt.  She says ‘I love you.’  He resonates.  We were formed together with God, but  we are born disconnected.  Nevertheless, He is saying ‘I love you.’  It is beyond all knowledge, but you and I resonate.  If you quit holding onto your life so hard and ease your grip you’d start to move naturally toward His voice.  You can be touched by God.  He made you that way.  Let yourself feel the love of God.