What is Your Rank and Title?

“He was doubly honored above the Three and became their commander, even though he was not included among them.”  (1 Chronicles 11:21)

How many of us are waiting for the title before we feel we can do anything effectively?  One day several years ago I went home from work in my navy officer’s uniform and the next day I put on a suit and went to work in a church (yeah I used to wear suits every day back then – now it’s only if I’m marrying or burying someone). After about a week I realized I didn’t know what to call myself.  Was I a pastor?  A staff member?  In the navy it was naval_rank_insignia_and_uniforms_by_regicollis-d658diapretty easy to describe myself; I had a rank and a position and they both had names.  I don’t remember how it got resolved but about a year later I decided I must be a pastor because I was doing what a pastor did.

People who find and follow Jesus will always be working in areas without well defined ranks and titles and will usually only discover what they are by reflecting back rather than projecting forward.  This makes perfect sense when you consider Jesus holds the only position and the only rank that matters.  If we wait to be included in anything or wait upon someone to bestow a title upon us in order to serve Christ we will never serve Him.  Honor, inclusion and titles are things which come to people who serve Christ with nothing but a recognition of who He is and what He has done – and they mean very little compared to knowing Him.