What Can You Do if You Are Brokenhearted?

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Psalms 34:18

The greatness of God is found in His willingness to consort with the lowly, to draw near to the brokenhearted, to listen to the song sung in private.  More miraculous than water to Broken_Heart13wine or blindness to sight, is a God who lives as one of us, who comes as a crying baby rather than a crusading king.  Only the high can stoop low, and only the most high can bend down into hell itself.  If where you are feels like hell; if you are truly brokenhearted and crushed, what is your help?  The Christian God is the only God for you, the only promise of help, the only one who has gone to hell and back to demonstrate both his ability and commitment to giving you help.  Every other god leaves you crushed until you find the right offering or make the right moves.  And if you have no god at all you have no one but yourself to heal your broken heart – you must be both the surgeon and the patient.  The Christian God only asks that we ask; only requires that we cry out when we hurt.  There is no god like this God.