Weekly Book Plug: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Dr.Oliver Sacks is the author of several books about neurological disorders including one made into a movie, Awakenings.  If you’ve never seen that movie take the time to find it and watch it (trailer here), you won’t be disappointed.  But the best book Sacks wrote is The Man Who Mistook HIs WIfe for a Hat.  It is a compilation of his most interesting cases, and in it you meet unforgettable characters.  Sacks is a neurologist who writes like a novelist.  He cares about his subjects and makes you care about them too.  If you are a writer you can’t help yourself – each story, each character is like brain candy, opening up plots and possibilities for more writing.  If you don’t write you can end up forever linked to a person more real than Jean Valjean and just as compelling.  And, if you don’t write and you don’t connect to any of the characters, you will find out things about our brains more fascinating than Brain Games.