Why Not Make Ordinary Extraordinary?

My wife once showed me a diamond anniversary ring which she said would “look very nice” with her engagement and wedding rings.  She also subtly suggested it would make a great gift to celebrate our twentieth year of marriage.  All of this was interesting to me for at least two reasons:
1 – I didn’t know where in the world I would get the money to buy the ring and
2 – we were only in our 18th year at the time.
I guess she was just giving me plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements (and money).

I got nervous about not being able to find the right ring when the time and the finances were aligned so I found a friend who let me borrow the money (nice to have friends) and I went and got the ring.  How do you hide a diamond ring for two years?  What if you forget where you put it?  How can you keep something like that in?  The next week we went out to dinner on a Tuesday night to the same place we always go and had pretty much the same meal we always have and on the way home to our same old house on the same old road at the same old stop light that always catches us I reached in my pocket, hauled out the ring and gave it to her.  I told her an ordinary day with her was better than any day without her and so let’s just celebrate the extraordinaryness of our ordinary lives.  Every day is the right day.  Every day is a special day.  Every moment is worth celebrating to it’s full extent.erikhttp-inlinethumb08.webshots.com-42823-2062744340104237032S600x600Q85.preview