Need Special Needs

What does the existence of a special needs bus reveal about us?  A defective being in any other species on earth is not “special,” it is dead.  Humans are different.  We care for our broken ones.  We pour communal resources into preserving and improving quality of life for severely handicapped people.  What is the point?  How does this help ensure the survival and improvement of our race?  No doubt the socio-biologists have their answer to this through some high-diving backflip of an answer, but strictly speaking in terms of the core teaching of survival of the fittest embedded in accepted scientific theory, it makes no sense to expend energy on members of the group who will never contribute to meeting its needs.  Believing something other than that takes more than straight scientific reason.  It takes faith to believe that some twist in biology makes us care for broken human beings.  Faith.  SInce we’re talking about faith to explain this, why not put a competing idea that requires faith on the table?  What if we care for every human being because it has inherent value by virtue of being human?  What if we are made in the image of God?  And what if, and this is the core of the matter, what if we take care of the severely broken because we recognize that each one of us is in fact broken too?