Simply Elusive

Being brought up in “Christian” Germany with churches everywhere, I always felt that there must be something exciting about the community that Jesus started in the New Testament—but somehow I could never discover what that was.” – Wolfgang Simson, The House Church Book


Why Are Jews Leaving France?

A warning for all of us:  the seat of the Enlightenment, ground zero for “higher” education and the rise of humanism fostered the Holocaust.  No one believed it could happen in such an educated, civilized, religious place like Germany.  Civilization, education, and religion are merely water on snakeskins that John the Baptist warned about as people came asking him to wash away their sins (Luke 3:7-8).  The gospel is the penetrating power to change us and turn us into people who can not only tolerate the stranger, but also to love an enemy.

The story out of France this week:
“Today Jews are migrating out of France, and this is occurring in increasingly larger numbers. This migration starts within France, as a mere change of locations. In Greater Paris, middle-class Jewish families are deserting neighborhoods that have been engulfed by more recent immigrants from Africa and the Near East. These new immigrant images (2)populations have proven prone to violence, and as radical Muslims, many entertain negative views about Jews and Judaism. Harassment, arson, and assault are frequent. There have been several murders. Even the liberal-minded Imam Hassan Chalghoumi of Drancy, who advocates friendly relations with Christians and Jews, was threatened and assaulted.” (full story here)