Weekly Book Plug: 11-22-63

Not a big Stephen King fan?  I have been and then I’ve sworn him off and then come back again.  You could say I have a love-hate relationship with his work.  Mostly my qualms come from his ultimate plot resolutions.  In that vein, I thought the ending of his novel It was the worst ever.  But here’s the thing about Stephen King that is undeniable:  he has almost unmatched powers of description and just about a pitch perfect ear for dialogue.  I’d say he is just about a literary genius when it comes to creating spaces and people that I want to find out more about.  11-22-63 is one of those books that I can’t get out of my head.  The characters are friends and the story is going along at pace.  I’m writing this in the middle of the reading so I don’t know if the ending is going to disappoint…I actually think I don’t care.  Does that make sense?  The book is so good to this point that I could walk away and say I’m glad I got to go this far, even if it hits a dead end.  For me, that’s about as good an endorsement as I can give.11-22-63