Art is Because

Photo_101907_002As far as we know, humans are the only creatures on earth who create artifacts, meaning we are the makers of things that we then use to remake our environment.  We make tools.  Plows and trucks and ships and screwdrivers and saws.  But we are also makers of art.  This is a most interesting fact of our species.  We make useless things that we cherish and find wonderful.  Things like a chair covered in candy sprinkles with a shadow made of chocolate syrup.  Where is the evolutionary advantage in that?  Why does art exist in every place and time we find human beings?  In caves and in Shockoe Bottom.  In the remote and in the hip.  Art is there.  We make it because we are made.  We create out of our creation.  We can suppress the knowledge of God and we can deny him as the source, but the image of God cannot be contained.G40-Front