Do You Know Me?


My mother calls me Ronnie, my son and daughter call me Dad, my wife calls me Bubba. You can call me whatever you want (mostly it’s just Ron).  If someone calls me by a different name it has no effect on who I am, but if someone starts describing me and says I am short with green eyes and my primary language is Italian THEY DO NOT KNOW ME.

To know me is to know me.  I am who I am.

When someone tells you they know God, ask them to describe him.  What is he like?  How did they get to know him?  What pleases him?  What allows them to stay in a good relationship with him?  You can find out what God they know by asking.  Maybe they know the Great I AM, or maybe they only met a lesser god.

How Delivered? A Dose of Spurgeon

I do not suppose that Daniel knew how God would deliver him out of the den of lions.  I do not suppose that Joseph knew how he would be delivered out of prison when his master’s wife had slandered his character so shamefully.  I do not suppose that these ancient believers even dreamed of the way of the Lord’s deliverance.  They just left themselves in God’s hands.  They rested on God, and He delivered them in the best possible manner.  He will do the same for you.  Simply call upon Him, and then “stand still and see the salvation of the LORD” (Exodus 14:13)1362691899_tumblr_lpfxlb3jfN1qhj7tyo1_1280

Convinced to Rap

I looked up the roots of convince.  It comes from Latin, con (with) and vincere (victory).  I’ve come to believe I’d rather listen to a speaker who is convinced than one who is convincing. I’d also rather listen to music in the same vein.  That’s why I am a convert to rap.  Well, not entirely converted, but I like it quite a bit.

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I get it now.  Rap music is convinced music.  The words are not asking you to believe.  They don’t care if you believe or not, they are telling their story, take it or leave it.  Now I can’t listen to just any rap, it has to be someone who is convinced of the same things I am convinced of.  That’s why I listen to LeCrae and Trip Lee and some of the other authentic rappers who happen to be Christians.  Now if I could only hear more preaching from pastors who are convinced instead of trying to convince others…someone who tells me about the victory obtained instead of how I should go and get one myself.  Someone who actually believes and talks like the gospel is true.

Need Special Needs

What does the existence of a special needs bus reveal about us?  A defective being in any other species on earth is not “special,” it is dead.  Humans are different.  We care for our broken ones.  We pour communal resources into preserving and improving quality of life for severely handicapped people.  What is the point?  How does this help ensure the survival and improvement of our race?  No doubt the socio-biologists have their answer to this through some high-diving backflip of an answer, but strictly speaking in terms of the core teaching of survival of the fittest embedded in accepted scientific theory, it makes no sense to expend energy on members of the group who will never contribute to meeting its needs.  Believing something other than that takes more than straight scientific reason.  It takes faith to believe that some twist in biology makes us care for broken human beings.  Faith.  SInce we’re talking about faith to explain this, why not put a competing idea that requires faith on the table?  What if we care for every human being because it has inherent value by virtue of being human?  What if we are made in the image of God?  And what if, and this is the core of the matter, what if we take care of the severely broken because we recognize that each one of us is in fact broken too?