The Gospel and the Police State

“We have to remind ourselves – just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do it.” – Philadelphia Chief of Police

If we become a fear based culture, anything done in the name of keeping us “safe” will be impossible to argue against.  It is not the libertarian cry of “losing our freedoms” that should motivate the Christian living in a progressively intrusive state – the Christian should be motivated by rejecting fear as a motive for their actions.  Those who believe the gospel should not be persuaded to act based upon fear-mongering.  This includes the way we raise our children in our homes and the way we vote in the voter’s booth.

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Breaking Character

I went to a local production of Fiddler On the Roof on opening night.  It was a great performance from a group of high schoolers and went off without a hitch.  Well, only one hitch.  In the next-to-last scene of the play, one of Tevya’s daughters ran to the middle of the stage and fell down.  At first I didn’t know if this was part of the play or not.  The girl got back up and ran off the stage, but Golde couldn’t hold it together.  She turned her back to the audience and tried to suppress a laugh.  Her character broke open and we saw what was inside – not the strong, sharp-tongued Jewish matriarch – just girl in a high school play.

Soon after the play my wife wanted to watch the Miss Universe pageant (something I usually avoid at all costs, along with figure skating and the Hollywood gossip shows), but I didn’t have the energy to resist so we watched.  Miss USA walked out for the evening gown “competition”, took about five steps and fell right on her bum.  Usually this would have made me laugh pretty hard, and I still chuckled a bit, but the woman got back up, smiled, and continued to work the catwalk.  She didn’t cry, or hurry through her walk to get away from the embarrassment.  A fall didn’t break her character, it revealed it.Miss-Universe-404_737934c

Breaking Bad: a Proper Response

20131007-180241.jpgTrying to catch up on some details of Breaking Bad before last week’s finale, I ran through several episodes on my Apple TV.  One of the episodes was “Hermanos” in which a young Gus Fraim is forced to watch his friend and benefactor murdered by a drug lord.  The scene is pure brutality.  The victim shot in the head at point blank range, blood spurting everywhere including onto Gus, who is shoved to the ground next to the open-eyed corpse.  I did not actually notice my wife sitting next to me.  She came in and sat down working on her computer silently.  Then she said, “I can’t take this, Bubba.”  And I looked up to see tears streaming down her face.  “I can’t watch something like this…”

I realized that of all the many people watching Breaking Bad, this one had the proper response to the whole story.  I love this person and her true heart.