How to Protest

There is a lot of angst, anxiety and anger in certain segments of the country, and a lot of people are participating in protests.  As a part of a religious group named after protests I95-Theses-672x372.jpg think I can give some suggestions to those who want to exercise this right.  Martin Luther was a protestor who went up against the greatest power on earth and rocked it.  He may give us some good ideas about how to do this right.

1.  Before you protest on the steps of the cathedral (courthouse, Whitehouse, Congress) or on the streets, work earnestly from within the organization to change it.  Luther spent years inside the church trying to implement changes and correct injustices before he went public.

2.  Do your research – know what you are protesting.  Luther had a well thought out position on the things he felt were wrong.  He could express himself when someone asked him why he was unhappy with the system.

3.  Stay focused on the real issues.  Luther could have protested many things but he focused on a few prominent issues he felt were most important to reforming the church and getting her back on track to function in the way she was supposed to function.

4. Don’t be a coward.  Luther did what he did in the open and in the daylight.  His associations with people were not secret.  He wasn’t funded by people who had an interest in tearing down the church.  He mailed his protestant opinions to the leaders of the church and he nailed them to the door of the church.

5.  Be of good cheer and be FOR something.  This is the most important point of all.  Protesting has almost exclusively become something we do AGAINST things and it is done with a lot of anger.  Luther was not angry.  And the movement he led was actually Pro (for) Testament (witness) OR for the witness to the truth that Jesus and the Bible were the true witnesses to the nature of God.  When Luther discovered the truth of the gospel he was overwhelmed with it and it made him into a happy man, not an angry one.

These principles could really help make some of what is going on much more productive instead of having people in the streets who can’t explain why they are there, funded by people who have something to gain through their anger, unfocused and bitter, looting and diluting their message through crime and unwilling to come in to the table to work on real solutions.




How It Feels to Lose

I’ve lost a lot.  I’ve been very disappointed on election night.  There have been times when I was absolutely sure people were seeing what I saw and feeling what I felt about a candidate and a moment and the country.  And they didn’t.  What was hardest about a few of those times was that it seemed just as many people agreed with me as disagreed with me.  The margin of victory was so small – just a few percentage points – it felt like losing on a last second field goal in the Super Bowl.  In other words it didn’t feel like I lost, it felt like I’d had victory ripped out of my hands.  It didn’t feel like my team or my ideas or my side should leave the field in shame.  We should get our props.  The other team should not take a victory lap before they come and acknowledge that we belong on the same field and that it could just as easily been us raising the trophy.  Nobody likes to be shown up when they lose, especially when they lose a close one.

There is also the idea of being a “good loser.”  I know what that is supposed to mean and all the soccer moms out there make sure their little snowflakes slap hands with the other team after their games where supposedly no one is keeping score but everyone knows who won and who lost.  Losing with dignity is a good thing; losing your dignity because you lost is one of the worst.  But losing and then being treated as if you never belonged on the field in the first place, well that makes people indignant.  Losing and then accepting losing as if it was noble and accepting whatever the other team does with their victory…that is just unacceptable.  If you compete hard and keep your head up in defeat you have every right to have a say in what happens after the game

So if you are hurting in the aftermath of Tuesday, I know how you feel.  I’ve known it for the past 8 years.  But Obama didn’t give props.  He didn’t act like it was a close game.  He acted as if it was an absolute blow out with a mandate to do whatever he wanted to do.  He famously said, in a meeting with Republican leaders after his first win, “I won,” when challenged about his economic plan, as if that settled everything.  He then went on to ram $_35.JPGObamacare down the throat of the country, politicized every instance of gun violence to advance his agenda, demagogued any racially charged event and called any opponent any convenient name he could think of that would effectively make them shut up (racist, bigot, homophobe, hayseed, redneck, uneducated, bitter, clinger, religious nut case…)  So yes, I understand how it feels to lose.  I’ve been reminded daily by Obama, Pelosi, and maybe my favorite reminder Harry Reid who admitted he made up the story that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes in order to destroy his changes of getting elected.  What did Reid say when called on his lie?  “It worked, didn’t it?  We won.”  Yeah, I understand how you feel.

But here is the thing now.  I do know how you feel and I don’t like that you feel that way.  It sucks.  I told a lot of you who gloated and went along with the tactics employed by your team that they would not always be in charge and one day it would flip.  The nuclear option to overcome filibusters; the parliamentary procedures of budget reconciliation employed to rewrite laws that were not duly passed in the House; the urgent votes in the middle of the night to pass huge pieces of legislation no one had even read, the shutting down debate in order to force votes; stonewalling appointments of judges when you want to and then calling the people who do the same thing traitors to their offices, the threat of shutting down the government demagogued to the press at endless press conferences…I KNOW HOW THAT FEELS. And even though you were happy with all the things your team did and not sympathetic to my side at all, I still don’t want you to feel like this.  I don’t think you have to feel it.

This next four years could be a good experience for most of us.   I know you don’t believe it but it is true.  Trump is an opportunity.  That’s all he’s ever been.  He is a tool our nation can use to answer some critical questions and we can all participate in getting the answers right.  He is not going to have the power of Obama’s presence to protect him.  No one is going to be afraid to oppose him.  He is going to have to make his case and work with all kinds of people who disagree with him to get anything done.  He will try to run the government like a business.  He will be pragmatic.  Some things you think are important won’t be addressed at all.  If bathrooms are high on your list you’ll need to work on that locally because Trump won’t care.  You may think that is tragic, but it is actually the way things are meant to get done in America and it is good for our government to be as close to local as possible.  It is an issue of accountability and politicians and leaders you can get to because they live in your neighborhood are much easier to influence and keep clean than ones living in a high tower far away.  You don’t need to feel your issues are unimportant, you’ll just need to take a more active role in seeing them through.

Really, the things you are probably most upset about happening in a prospective Trump administration are not going to happen.  You may lose some, but you’ll win some too.  There were wins in the last 8 years that felt good.  There will be some of those for you too.  Mostly I think you are going to find that your “opponents” are not so opposed to you as you think, and 8 years worth of feeling the way you feel today has tempered their reaction to all that is happening this week.  There will be gloaters for sure.  There always are even on the classiest teams.  But I think you’ll find a lot of sympathetic folks who don’t want to gloat and who just want what you want – a fair and even handed government that stays out of our way and doesn’t make us think about it every day whether it is our team or the other.  Aaron Rodgers said it a few years back when the Packers were struggling to right the ship; relax.

And if you’re a Christian, for Pete’s sake stop acting like either one of these teams is your team.  Start acting like you’ve read the end of the story and you know how it turns out…People NEED us right now to have real equanimity and wisdom and patience and kindness.  Try being Jesus just by being calm and reassuring to those who have no equanimity other than what they can produce by winning.  Jesus and Aaron agree: Do not worry about tomorrow.  Your Father knows what you need.  He feeds the sparrows and you are much more valuable than they.  Relax.


A Trumpocalypse Now

The American Brexit is a reality.  Now what??  In England the Elites and Establishment predicted the end of British life and the collapse of the European (and thus the world) economy.  None of that happened.  The E and E team then shifted to what leftists and elitists do when they lose; they took up an attempt to thwart the will of the people in the courts.  Anyone paying attention to the electoral process knew that the winner of this race was no prize and was not going to get a prize.  It was going to be a fight win or lose and it will be a fight.  People who are used to getting their way develop a sense of entitlement that is like breathing air… they expect it to be there when they inhale.  And when you go to get a lungful of air and it isn’t there, well, the flailing is not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

This was an election about the few, the high and the mighty dictating their worldview to the masses and shaming them or bullying them or tricking them into accepting it.  For many reasons they pushed too far to fast.  The main one is that they misread the election apocalypsenow.jpgof President Obama and the passage of great chunks of his agenda as a real move by the bulk of the country toward the left socially and economically.  America was not and is not a liberal left lean country.  It never has been.  No leftist has ever won high office running on a leftist agenda.  When the E and E’s pushed on the country (a lot of this I laid out in my article Trump and the Middle Finger) they got push back and rebuked.  That is the election in a nut shell.

It is very important for us to get this clearly in mind.  Trump is a vulgarian and not the best of us.  He may be a liar and he may be an authoritarian – in many ways his election reminds me of a now infamous statement by Nancy Pelosi who told us we’d have to pass ObamaCare to see what was in the law.  Now that Trump is President (elect) we will see what is in there – but this election was never about him.  Trump is not America.  We are not vulgar and crude and liars, and we don’t do well with authoritarians.  We are a nation of free people who want more than anything for our government to stay out of our lives and to let us find meaningful work, raise our families the way we see fit, love our neighbors, and worship God in the way of our choosing.  The E and E’s are going to go straight into full bully, shame, trick, and fear mongering mode.  They are going to tell us how horrible the country is for electing this man.  They are going to say America is Trump. It will be up to We the People to fight this nonsense.  It will be hard because what We the People want is to go back to living our lives and doing our jobs.  But we can’t do that now.  Trump is not to be trusted (clowns) and the Establishment is plotting how to take away the victory (jokers) and no war is won without occupying the ground taken.

I never believed a person or a political party would heal our country and bring its parts together.  You will be able to tell those who do believe that today.  Some are going to be despondent and others elated.  (I wrote my thoughts on this in Trump and Real Voter ID). I feel sorry for both groups today.  There’s no future in those beliefs.  I believe the answer for an upside down world is the church – a community filled with hope and truth and believing the gospel is for every person on earth.  There is a real and abiding equanimity in people who aren’t trying to derive their identity from earthly power structures or earthly justice or earthly relationships.  I’m teaching our church about what God did about the upside down world 2000 years ago…and if you think things are upside down today (whether left or right) you need to know this is not new and maybe not as bad as it has been many times in the past.  You can listen to these messages if you like. (Acts: God’s Answer for an Upside Down World).

There is a lot of work to do today.  It is good work and worthy of our time.  Be gracious to people who are hurting today and feeling hopeless.  Be vigilant and humble and clear about the future.  Don’t give up hard fought ground to either the vulgarians or the E and E’s.  Use the opportunity afforded by this shocking result to speak of true justice and hope and equality.  Be kind.

Why Your Vote Matters

Today all the citizens of the US get to vote.  We’ve endured a bruising campaign and now it fall to us to bring the election to a close, consume the result, and get busy living and working with the new leadership we will have tomorrow.  I’ve heard a lot of explanation, pleas, pontification, and, well politicking over votes.  A whole lot of people are very disappointed in the choices we have.  I think they all have multiple facebook accounts.  Don’t miss something because of all the noise and discouraging words.  Don’t miss the significant fact that no matter what else is going on around the election, no matter how rotten the choices feel or how discouraged about the country people are, one thing most of us can absolutely agree upon is that our vote is important.  I have a vote.  You have a vote.  We have a vote.  It is a sacred thing.  To some of us it is so valuable that you’ve decided not to spend it this election cycle.  I see where you’re coming from and I’ve heard you…and heard you and heard you.  OK.  I’m glad you love your vote and find it too dear to use it today.  But just an aside; you know you can’t keep it right?  It expires today.  You don’t get two votes next time.  If you’re vote really is all that valuable, you’d spend it on something.  The inheritance is running out.  It’s like Brewsters Millions.  Spend it or lose it all.  If its worth so much that you could spill that much digital ink over it, surely it is worth more than to pour it on the ground!  Go and write in the name of a person you believe in.  Vote.  Its a vote.  It matters.  And it is going to die today if you don’t use it or it will live forever if you do.  Your vote matters because a free election isn’t free and the peaceful transference of power cost many people a violent end to ensure.  For patriots sake don’t let it die.  Ityour-vote-matters.jpg matters.  Its a secret vote although so many have publicly proclaimed their intentions.  That was also a design of genius.  It means votes are a matter of conscience that no one but you can know unless you want it to be known.  Conscience is the essence of who you are.  Your vote matters because your conscience is who you are when no one else sees.  Exercising your vote is exercising your conscience.  It is not an essentially political act, it is an essentially spiritual act.  Go to the voting booth and face yourself.  Look at your choices.  Maybe you’ll see that you should vote for yourself because you have better ideas and more integrity and anyone you can think of…

I stood in line today and was excited to vote for the first time in a long time.  I think it was because the candidates are so flawed that it gave me time to think about this vote of mine, where it came from, how I feel about it, who we are, and who I am.  I saw my vote as a good thing, a precious thing, a sacred gift.  As I reflected on these things it became more clear than ever before how glad I am to belong to a Kingdom that allows me complete freedom of conscience and to a country that does the same thing.  I think I would say today for the first time I got to worshipping at the polling place.  Go vote and do it with a worshipping heart and courage to look thoroughly at who you are.  Your voting matters.

Trump and Real Voter ID

A friend of mine is working the polls in our city tomorrow.  We have a voter ID law in our state, so one of the things he will do is watch and listen for the procedure of presenting an ID and stating the voter’s name and address is followed.  I find it amazing we can’t even agree over using this simple method to prevent voter fraud.  It somehow intimidates a person to either obtain an acceptable form of identification or to have to present one in a polling place.  This, I am told, is something I would not understand because I am a white middle class man who doesn’t have to interact with The Man in an uneven power structure designed to keep me down and shut out of participating in the political process.  Well, I understand that I may not understand.  I’d like to deal with that problem more than I’d like to deal with voter ID problems.  I think it is probably true that some people are intimidated by contact with “officials” and “officers” and “departments of this and that.” It is a basic premise of the founding of this nation that citizens should not fear the government, but the government should fear the citizens.  And I mean in that second instance, the good and healthy form of fear that is awe mingled with respect and deference.

Do you know the reason our government no longer fears its citizenry?  The real reason? Our government no longer fears us because it has begun to function as if it is God.  And it will continue to act and talk and rule as if it is God for as long as and to the extent its citizens treat it as such.  You should be afraid of a government that tries to act like it is voter_id_pin_jpg_800x1000_q100-e1384548400373God, especially when it becomes more and more clear that those aspiring to and holding more and more of its reigns do not believe there is any other God.  When godless people obtain power they bring their own morality, justice, punishment and salvation.  They bring their own forms of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.  It only makes sense.  When the real God is dismissed, all of His characteristics that are built into the world must be supplied from somewhere.  We can’t live without them.

Ultimately, and I believe we are seeing this more clearly in this election than ever before, God is not elected and His substitutes will eventually reject any attempt to be subject to this kind of foolishness.  Who do you think you are trying to tell God whether or not you will endorse Him with a vote or not?  Silly peasant, you don’t get to vote for God.  God decides whether or not to vote for you.  Up or down.  In or out.  Saved or lost.  If you think the imperial presidency is a threat to America think again.  It is the godless Government God that cuts off all freedom in the name of secular progress that destroys the country completely if left unchecked.

The trouble with voter ID is that our voter’s IDs have gotten so small they can fit onto a plastic card presented at a ballot box.  This is what happens when we dismiss God.  We lose a real identity.  A Confusion of Identities is an article I wrote last year that expands upon this concept.  Take some time to read the whole thing but hear this now before you cast a ballot or someone asks you to identify yourself at a polling place:  the Christian gospel is the only voter ID that absolutely liberates you from being owned by a political party, a candidate, a government, or the result of an election.  It is an identity no one on earth can issue to you so no one on earth can ever take it away.  It is an identity guaranteed to last forever and to ensure that you have access to the highest power, lasting protection, complete fulfillment, absolute justice, and everlasting authentic wealth of relationship, hope, joy and all comfort.  It is an identity purchased for you by a God who cannot be discouraged by your failure and offered to you without payment other than the humility to accept it.  This is a real voter ID and if you have one it won’t matter if Trump wins or Hillary wins or if we find ourselves thrown into an election crisis of confidence.  You don’t have to participate in the crisis; you can rest in the knowledge that your identity was solid yesterday, held firm today, and isn’t in doubt tomorrow.

I hope for you and for us that you’ll vote with good cheer and face tomorrow with confidence knowing that ultimate power chose to elect you, not the other way around. Peace.


Trump and Black Votes Matter

The kids who ride my school bus refer to each other as “nigger” so regularly you’d think I would be immune to it by now.  But you can see by the fact that I dropped quotation marks around it that I’m not.  In fact I’m thinking about my job as a school bus driver and whether or not those quotation marks are strong enough to keep me safely in the non-racist world or if the radioactivity of the word inside them will break out and contaminate my whole life.  I’m told that I do not hear or pronounce the word the way these kids are saying it or hearing it.  On the pronunciation end I know that the word is the same word my father gave me a good spanking for when I used it on a neighborhood kid as a 6 year old in the 60’s when we lived in a D.C. suburb.  It is exactly the same word.  But I must not be hearing it the way they hear it.  It makes me cringe, and although I’ve decided to combat the regular use of the F-bomb and other standard Navy issue profanity on my bus, I’ve left that word alone even though to me it is much more profane.

This disconnection of language; this ownership of words by one group of people over another, is unhealthy, unhelpful, and it is a perpetuation of racism itself.  I imagine Martin Luther King Jr riding my school bus, seeing the diversity of the students going to the same school, living in the same neighborhood, wearing the same clothes, sitting in the same seats, and then hearing that one group of people on the bus are allowed to use racially charged words that another group cannot even imagine saying.  It is anathema to everything he wanted to accomplish.  It is the fly in the ointment that would ruin a magical mystery bus ride that is almost the very snap shot of his vision for America.

I have a dream.

The past week has seen some of the nastiest attacks in a long and nasty campaign, with President Obama and Hillary Clinton making very specific allegations that Donald Trump is a racist. A sampling of the attacks: Trump is endorsed by the official newspaper of the KKK, Trump will stop federal support to historically black colleges. Trump will take away medicare and medicaid from minorities, Trump will tear out Michelle’s garden.  Well that last one, although something Obama actually said may not be about Trump being a racist…maybe just a meanie.  If you are a Trump supporter these attacks make you pretty mad for a host of reasons (I will mention a few in a minute) but they should also encourage you.  You see in American politics today the real nuclear weapon – and I mean the big ICBM nuke, not battlefield tactical nuke – the real nuke is racism.   What does it mean when your opponent goes full nuclear strike?  Well it isn’t because they think they are winning…

I know the meme of the left has been that Trump is a racist.  Once again he hasn’t done himself any favors with his choice of words or his manner of delivering them.  What the left fails to grasp is what the majority of the country totally gets about Trump; he isn’t any more racist than the average person on the street. By that I mean he can’t help seeing the world through his white eyes the same way brown people see the world through their brown eyes.

There is no such thing as a person who has no racism.  There are people who are aware of their racism and there are people who are not.  The really ironic thing is that the most racist people in America are leftists, not Trumpists and they are bovinely unaware of it.  Think about it.  It takes a racists to see racism wherever you look.  It takes a person convinced that race is so significant in identifying people that to see a person as other than their race is impossible.  They really can’t get over this or around it.  The reason these people can’t hear what the rest of us hear when Trump talks is that they have a race shaped hearing aid and race tinted glasses.  These are the people who brought us “Chicago” as a racist term, voter ID’s are racist, criticizing Obama for anything is racist, talking about the constitution or Founding Fathers is racist, displaying the American flag is racist…you get the picture.  It takes a dog to hear a dog whistle.

What the elites and leftists don’t get is that those of us raised to be aware of our racism are actually pretty sure we aren’t racists… and it is in large part their doing.  They’ve effectively ridiculized (yes that is my new word for it) the issue to the breaking point.  At first white people thought the elites and establishment types might have a point.  They doubled checked themselves.  They looked at how they treated brown people in their lives and found out, by and large,  they treated them like everyone else.  Then they saw that brown people lived in their neighborhoods and went to their schools and shopped where they shopped and it got more difficult to see how exactly life was racist. Finally they saw that a brown person got elected to the presidency and thought that might actually be the end of saying that most of the country are racists.  But then the ridiculizing began and went on and on and on for    8   Long    Years   and they got tired of checking on their latent racism because they knew and know they are not racist.

And now they see Trump and hear Trump and the charges made against him and they’re done with that game. They aren’t willing to go along with the foolishness any more. They know what Trump means when he talks about walls and immigration and Islamic terrorism. They know what Trump is. What Trump is is a man who has successfully done business in America for 30 plus years without a hint of racism being leveled against him. What he is not is a politician who shapes words to fit into the dog whistle lexicon of the tender-eared elites. He actually talks like a man who knows he is not racist and doesn’t need to worry about being perceived as one. And if you listen to what Trump says instead of listening to what NPR says Trump said, you’ll find out that what he says is not racist. It may be stupid or untenable or unreasonable but racist? No. Not. And the more the left yelps the more the rest of us say “no” we won’t listen to this or accept it any more.

The truth about the left – the elites and establishment – the dirty litttle not so secret secret is that black lives really don’t matter to them but black votes really do matter. When Trump began campaigning in majority black communities and asked what the democrats have done for them lately and what they had to lose by taking a chance on him it was spot on. And it should’ve been obvious if for no other reason than this: where have the democrats been for the last 8 years other than when it came time to count noses at election time?  The answer? Nowhere. It’s worse than that actually. The last 8 years have been a disaster for minorities. The policies of the left have the the sound of compassion with no substance. And this doesn’t even begin to delve into the left’s ardent support for abortion “rights” and Planned Parenthood, an organization created to kill as many  of the “weak” and “undesirable” as possible which has facilitated an abortion rate for blacks that contributes to a net negative birth replacement rate.  Did you hear that?  Because of abortion blacks are now dying faster than blacks are born to our country.  It is a silent extermination of a race in America here and now.

So Trump is not a racist or at least not the kind of racist who supports killing hundreds of thousands of black babies. A wall is racist? Controlled immigration is racist? Saying that a judge who is a minority may  be biased in a case involving Trump is racist? Give me a break. Black lives matter to Trump and that’s why the black vote will matter on Tuesday. He will do better among minority voters than any republican since Reagan, and he will do it because minorities are the mind numbed sheeple the left thinks they are.  They are smart and capable and ready for real opportunities, not just rides to the voting booth.

Trump and the End of the World

There is a lot of anxiety over what next Tuesday’s election results will mean for us.  This week President Obama said some very interesting things to help settle the nation’s nerves and to unify us.  He said the fate of the world is at stake in this vote – meaning the world will end if Donald Trump is elected.  And the President told an audience in North Carolina that Donald Trump is pro Ku Klux Klan, anti black colleges, and will tear out Michelle’s White House garden on day one of taking over – meaning a Trump administration will reverse the Emancipation Proclamation as quickly as humanly possible.  I don’t think Obama said anything about Trump taking away all the Halloween candy, but Jimmy Kimmel pretty much owns that anyway.  To be fair, plenty of people have said the same kinds of things about a Clinton victory.  One way or the other.  It is going to be Hillamageddon or Trumpocalypse now.

So what will it look like the morning of the 9th?  I guess that depends on your starting point.  Politically speaking it is pretty obvious the direction the leadership of the country will try to take us if Clinton wins.  It will be more of what we’ve seen the last 8 years.  This will be true regardless of whether the House or Senate or both change hands.  The question will be one of the damage Hillary has done to herself and whether or not it is extensive enough to have her arrive at her inauguration as a lame duck.  This would be the best case scenario for the country in the event of a Clinton win because it may cause gridlock and force all parties to conduct real and honest negotiations to get anything done. (I’ve already spelled out some of the ways gridlock is helpful in my article Trump and My Wife and Kids) Since well over half the country believes we are going in the wrong direction this would probably mean a measure of comfort to those who think a Hillary win is the end of the world.

But what about Trumpocalypse?  I said this subtly in my article Trump and Poll Dancers but I’m going to be more direct here. And you know the old saw about opinions so you can take or leave mine and no offense taken.  Trump is going to win in a landslide.  It isn’t going to be a Reagan size win, but it will be significant and it will shake the electoral map.

You may laugh at what I’m about to say but you should think about it first and see if it has merit.  I had a revelation about a year ago, long before Trump was the nominee.  It was this:  the campaign of 2016 was going to be a reality show campaign.  It would play out like a reality show and it would do so because America has become a reality show nation. biggest loser.jpgObama did as much as anyone to turn national politics into a reality show.  He even made an appearance on a reality show, which, know it or not, legitimized reality shows to a point where being a reality show star and being President don’t look strange together.   When Obama went on The Tonight Show and said the presidency is not a reality TV show, how utterly tone deaf was that??  Rich.  Trump won the republican primary and will win the presidency for many reasons, but one of the biggest will be the environment his opponent’s husband spawned in the White House and the current president made into an art form.  The American president wanna be star Bill Clinton and the president who may as well have installed a marquee spouting Now Starring over the door of the Oval Office, paved the way for a real star to take over that empty chair Romney wanted in 2012.  And like it or not, Trump is a star.

The other reason Trump will win handily is equally ironic given the way the tech industry has lined up against him with the one notable exception, Peter Thiel.  It is his understanding of social media, specifically Twitter.  His tweets are the exact opposite of Obama and Clinton’s national tone deafness.  Trump Tweets like an American.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying this is necessarily a good thing.  Twitter is mean and vulgar and unfiltered, but you have to understand that Twitter didn’t make anyone this way… You see the point?  Trump sounds like Twitter and Twitter sounds like America. twitter-evolve.jpg We are a much more mean spirited people than we’ve ever been and much of it is due to the way technology has created both false access to each other (facebook friend?  how utterly MORONIC not just oxymoronic that term is) and immediate access (direct im-mediate = without mediation) to each other.  It has coarsened us and contributed to a national bad mood that (like the reality show bit I explained above) makes it seem not unreasonable to have a vulgararian as our president.

OK, so I’m saying next Wednesday morning is going to be a shock to a lot of people.  How should you handle it?  Well if you supported Trump and thought he was going to win all along and you get the result you want, I suggest you are kind to those who fear Trumpocalypse.  Their fears are not all unfounded.  Trump is no savior.  He’s no great prize.  And be aware that nationalism has not always been good for a nation.  Be kind to the opposition and be vigilant over the new leadership.  The genius of America is really at stake in this election.  The great American experiment in self government is being tested.  It is We the People who must win and it is We the People who must govern ourselves.  Trump can’t do this for us and it would be a disaster to expect him to.

Regardless of whether I am right or wrong I believe the best result is an awakened electorate determined to turn back the tide of self-centeredness and meanness and usurping of power by the few to rule over the many. For my part I am awake now.  This campaign has exposed corruption and injustice like never before.  It is really all laid bare.  I am not discouraged, I am energized by it.  I am because I know there are answers and I know that the gospel worked in more corrupt times than these and will work today.  I am encouraged because when it is darker the contrast with the gospel is more clear.  I am encouraged because I don’t have to make the gospel work, it works.  I am encouraged because I get to carry good news and no matter what happens on Tuesday there are going to be a lot of people open to hearing some real good news.