1- Elephant in the Bar Final Cover

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How good does sex have to be for our relationships to work?  How much sex is enough? If I’m not good at sex how am I going to get better?  Does anyone really tell the truth about their sex life?  My new book answers these questions and more while we talk about Weezer, shark teeth, erotic poetry, the Bible and…elephants.  The Elephant in the Bar is a book about sex.  What else do I need to say right?  Sex sells.  But the questions are, what does sex sell and how much does it cost?  Sex is good, right?  Is it so good it is worth any price?  If yes, then sex is not just good, it is god.  It is the thing we need more than anything else.  It is the thing of highest worth.  It is the thing we worship (short for worth-ship).  No matter what you think about religion, all of us worship something, and the thing we worship “in the highest” will be the thing we expect the most out of.  The Elephant in the Bar asks us to think about the promises sex makes and compare this to what it delivers.  If sex is great, could it be better?  If you are a serial loser in your sex life, is there a way to get off that roller coaster?  Read along and ask the hard questions with me.  Lets see what we find together.  It may take an elephant coming into your bar to get you to see the answers, but it may be the best thing that ever happened to you. Visit for more information

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