Placid Stones

I had a vision of the storm Jesus calmed. I saw him stand in the bow of the boat. He spoke. He didn’t shout. He said simple words; few words. The words fell out of his mouth onto the face of the sea. The sea went flat. It was as if he had a placid stone; a stone that could do the opposite of stones we drop into the sea that create waves. And in my vision I saw us as those new stones falling into the storm; falling from Jesus’s lips; living words spoken into the turmoil. And my heart cried because I know I am not a placid stone. Even when I try to be a placid stone my words fall into the sea and create waves. Most days I’m not trying to calm the sea, I’m looking to agitate it or to use the storm to get me somewhere. Worst of all, there is a storm in me, ready to break at any time. Can I be a placid stone. My vision changes back to the boat in the storm. In the bow is Jesus but he’s me and then he’s him, but it’s us. “Speak to the waves,” he says. “You can, with me.”

So today I say to my own soul, peace be still, in the presence of Jesus, with his words filling me and overflowing into my own heart. And I say peace be still, in my home and to my family and in my street. Peace be still where I work and wherever my feet tread. He is the placid stone and I am in him. I can and I will bring peace.