Microaggression in an Aggressive World

While we have debates and seminars and create safe spaces for victims of microaggressions it seems few liberals want to discuss the real and increasing use of naked aggression all over a world in which safe space shrinks daily.  The educated and elites spend hours discerning how many offenses can dance on the head of one phrase that commoners have used for ages.  Steve Martin is twitter shamed into deleting a comment on the (actual) physical beauty of Carrie Fisher because it supposedly dishonors the memory of an intelligent, strong-willed woman who also just happened to blatantly use geeky sexuality to sell movies.  Meanwhile a woman in Saudi Arabia was arrested and receives death threats for “disrobing” in public by “gasp” removing her hijab and showingarrogance-aggression-and-assertiveness her face.  The Saudi government is demanding “maximum punishment, and you can be sure they will get it from their misogynistic courts.  Somewhere on a college campus a gay coed is distressed and needs a trip to a stress free zone because they saw another student wearing a Trump red Make America Great Again hat.  In Iraq wherever ISIS occupies territory gay men are gleefully thrown from the roofs of tall buildings, and if the “moderate” Muslims displace the radical killers, gay people can look forward to being stoned instead of falling to their deaths.

There is no such thing as microaggression.  It is a figment of the tiny liberal ego which has so little internal substance that everything it encounters feels like it weighs 100 times the earth’s normal gravity.  Aggression is real.  Hatred is real.  Evil is real.  People who are worried about their delicate constitutions do not turn back real aggression, they invite it.  Real evil has a very keen sense of weakness, especially that kind of weakness that is currently on display in our society which is paralyzing itself over trivialities and trying to screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-12-34-55-pmfind comfort in thumb sucking.  Hitler had the discernment to see it in the Europeans of his day and now the Hitler with a thousand heads discerns it in the Europeans of this day.  Hitler was stopped by a nation slapped out of its comfortable slumber and into action by the brutality of real evil.  Evil ceased to be debated by classroom existentialists and snowflakes and became an existential threat that necessitated real and aggressive action.  We have yet to see if this nation has been slapped into action or just slapped silly. Trump’s election is a good sign that it is the former rather than the latter.