Racist!? Yeah You. All of You. 

I’ve already pointed this out (Trump and Black Votes Matter), but it bears repeating; one of the major reasons we now have a President (elect) Trump is racism, but not the way the Establishment and Elites think.  It is actually the exact opposite reason.  The first African American President was supposed to drain the claim of racism of its power; to de-leverage it.  Why?  Because Americans were sick of being called racist and having it gum up honest conversations about our problems.

We are the first nation on earth to attempt a real heterogenous society.  No one seriously attempted this before us.  The idea that “white Europeans” are all one thing is a huge part of the myth that America is a racist nation, and is itself both ignorant and racist.  When Brits and Poles and Norwegians and Frenchmen and Germans and Irishmen and Dutchmen and Scots and Swiss and Italians began occupying the same geography in a free land you don’t think there was racism?  You think they all respected one another’s language and values and religion and eating habits and smell?  No, there was plenty of racism.  Add indigenous Indians, African slaves and Asian immigrants who were possessed of obviously different physical characteristics and you have more racism; even legally sanctioned racism. All of this in one country.  Lots of racism.  Lots of lines of demarcation between people.


There never was a country like this country, not ever in the history of the world.  Tribes stayed in tribes and either got along with or killed other tribes, but they didn’t choose to become one tribe and go forward as one tribe.  In America all the tribes of the earth were thrown together, some seeking freedom, some seeking to keep their freedom, and some stolen away from freedom

Those who believe the founding of the country was racist and unjust are right, but their haughty classroom polemics against the nation fail to recognize the crucial fact:  the whole earth was racist and unjust.  If you were looking for a place in the world where people all got along and treated each other with respect in spite of their obvious differences, there was no such place.  America was not that place either, at first.  America was a place for people to escape from their particular form of tyranny; religious, economic, political, racial.  But it became a place where the attraction of freedom became stronger than the compulsion of tribalism.  America became the freedom tribe.

Freedom became the engine of the nation and it started to grind down the differences between all its disparate parts.  First it ground down the differences between the European tribes, then it went to work on slavery.  It continued to grind on more and more differences and it does to this day.  The freedom engine is uneven and it doesn’t work as fast as some think it should work.  But this begs the question: where else in the world has it been used on such a scale with this much success for this long a time?  American freedom ground down Nazis and Hirohito, both racist regimes of a magnitude never imagined.  American freedom ground down segregation. American freedom ground down the racist Soviet Union.  American freedom continues to grind off the edges and the grind down the barriers between people. It works. It is at work.

Anyone who has a smidge of classical education instead of a four year $60k plus liberal arts indoctrination or who lives in the work-day-world alongside other free Americans in “flyover” country instead of getting paid to ride a bus to a protest in somebody else’s city, knows American freedom works. We can see it. We see people from all over the world living in our neighborhoods – we actually know that “our” neighborhoods and “their” neighborhoods are not two things.  We shop with people of all religions and colors.  We eat in restaurants with the same.  We go to school together.  Freedom tribe.  And we can see where it still needs to do it’s work.  We don’t need or want people telling us we are racists because we aren’t. We know about racism. Our whole country has a history working on it. dog-whistle-mpa97eedn34868y77fjdht8265txe4hn4wz7gg2zu0We elected a black president to finally break the back of the ridiculous claim that we are somehow the most racist nation on earth and woke up to discover the same old things being said about us. And finally it dawned on the bulk of the country; we aren’t the racists, the E and E’s are. They can’t stop dividing us into groups. They don’t believe in the American motor of freedom grinding away our differences. They believe in locking us up with word games and name calling and control. Trump is a signal to them that name calling won’t work any more. He won because of racism all right.  But not the way they think.  The dog whistle is broken now and the losers are the only ones barking.  The rest of us are going to get on with the business of grinding down the differences between us instead of using them to gain and keep control over people.  I fully expect the E and E’s to give themselves a hernia blowing that broken dog whistle…