Hillary Didn’t Lose

How’s that for clickbait?  What does it mean?  Trump cheated?  Hillary won the popular vote?  There’s a secret recount going on even as we speak?  No, no, and heck no.  Hillary didn’t lose, Trump won.  Trump won.  Get that into your mental space… I voted for Reagan the first time I cast a vote for President.  I was young, too young to know about Bedtime for Bonzo or Tugboat Annie Sails Again, both movies made by Reagan that proved, if anything, he had bad taste in movie scripts.  I wonder how my dad felt about Reagan.  He knew the actor who became the politician.  Reagan was on the public scene a long time as something other than a political personality.  His first elected office was the governorship of the most populated state in the union, California.  It was probably a shock to the system on the level of me seeing Arnold doing the same thing 30 years later.  Even being the governor of California didn’t take the stigma off him, though.  Reagan was still a barbarian when he ran for President.  He was a joke and a hick.  He graduated from Eureka college, not Yale.  He was a C student and a cheerleader, not valedictorian  and class president.  He was never going to be President if the elites and establishment of his day had their way.  But he spoke to the American people directly.  He had an ability to do what the E and E’s only wish they could do and pretend that they can do.  He was the most rare of all entities, and actor who was not an actor in real life.  He was real in real life, which is hard to do for most anyone except those who are comfortable in their own skin.

Now we have Trump.  He is not pretty.  He is not P.C.  He is a reality TV star.  Everyone over 18 has seen his orange tan and incredible hair on the boob tube.  And he won.  Hillary did BEDTIME_FOR_BONZO_lc3_original_11x14_lobby_card_movie_poster_Ronald_Reagan.jpgnot lose, she got beat.  Why?  In spite of the E and E’s caterwauling, it isn’t because the nation is racist (even blow hard Michael Moore blew that one away)  or homophobic, or stupid, or hayseed, or bitter, or clinger, or religious, or uneducated.  But the country sure was sick and tired of being called all those things.  And especially tired of this one word: propaganda.  Americans have a good ear for bull excrement and when they get fed one mouthful after another about issue after issue they get fed up and start spitting it out.  That’s why 70% of voters said the media is dishonest.  The real loser in the election was the legacy media.  They will never regain their status.  The election of Trump is perhaps more devastating to them than it is to the Washington elite ruling class, although it is a close thing; kind of like the difference between Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Trump won because, and this is very important for him and his new team to get a firm grip, he was real.  He is not popular.  He is not personally pretty.  He won because the warts and the gaffs and the outrageous faults were so real it made it impossible to think he was faking it.  Real beat fake.  And then he spent a year saying things that people already were feeling.  Why is it so bad to secure our border, aren’t we a sovereign nation?  Why not keep people out of the county until we check out who they are and what they’re about?  Why put up with lawlessness in our cities?  Why pretend the emperor’s Obamacare clothes are really there when they are not?  The reality is that Donald Trump is the Rush Limbaugh of politics.  He did not create anything, he just started saying things that a bunch of normal people were saying to each other.  He gave it a voice and Trump gave it an orange face.  Both guys are believable because they are imperfect and only polished on one side while they don’t hide their other side.  That is what always attracts Americans and that is why Hillary didn’t lose.  Reality Trumped her.