The (un)Popular Vote & the Electrical College

Before you say it, yes I know which college I’m talking about… stay with me a minute I’m going somewhere.  I have to hand it to the Establishment and Elites.  When it comes to competition you will never find anyone like them.  When they win, they win viciously and claim a bigger pot than the stakes of the game and when they lose, they never accept the loss and claim the pot belongs to them anyway.  Right now there is an all out effort to delegitimize President-elect Trump’s victory at the ballot box by claiming he lost the popular vote to Hillary and therefore cannot be the President of the majority of Americans.  That’s like saying the Patriots really won that Super Bowl they played with the Giants because they gained more yards and possessed the ball longer than the Giants.  No.  The teams went onto the field and held a competition according to the rules of the game and the Giants scored more points than the Patriots.  They won.  If the goal was yards gained or time of possession the teams would have played an entirely different game with a tom-brady-patriotsjpg-3ad71011f2932bb9.jpgdifferent strategy and allocation of resources.  I know it hurts to lose a Super Bowl -especially when you are undefeated and everyone says the game is just a formality before the whole world recognizes you as the greatest team in history – but losing is losing and the faster you look at the reasons you lost the faster you can get on to the business of winning.  Of course that’s what the Patriots did and they got back to the big game and won it three years later (not that that makes me happy, but hey, you gotta give props)

But the E and E’s are not good losers.  They do not give up their place when they are soundly beaten.  That’s because they never really win anything in the first place.  The political left in this country has never won an election where they openly ran on what they believe.  They win mainly through subterfuge and they hold power through a combination of shame, blame, bullying and deception.  And when they lose they lose ugly (see A Trumpocalypse Now).   They want to change the rules after the fact so they can declare themselves winners.  The fact is they lost and they would do much better for themselves if they honestly assessed why they lost.  Also it would help if they understood that persuasion is actually much easier with winsomeness and comeliness rather than riots.  Americans are not being persuaded by the rent-a-mob activity in major cities.  If anything it is having the effect of making the election result cure like hardening concrete.

If the election had been conducted with a winner-take-all popular vote Trump would have won.  I will make a prediction here that Trump in fact will turn out to be the winner of the popular vote when all the reckoning is over anyway.  It will turn out that millions of illegal immigrants will have cast ballots for her and it will erase the current edge she holds in the popular vote.  But the electoral college, which is being raked across the coals by the ugly losers and the ugly winner (would someone please give Trump just a basic primer on the Constitution??) is actually a great blessing.  You know how it feels when your power goes out in a storm?  You want to get it back as quickly as possible.  Do you know that the power grid in your area contains many different pathways to get power to your house?  There isn’t just one way for it to get there.  The electrical distribution system contains redundancies and parallels that allow for flexibility and durability.  Our founders were very wary of single sources of power.  They had suffered and knew the history of the world was full of suffering from power being consolidated in one place with one entity.  By building a system where multiple states had to proportionally elect a President they put a check on many people living in one set of circumstances (lets say the city dwellers and their world) imposing their will for leadership upon a few people living in an agricultural circumstance.  They also prevented one geographical region from dominating others if they turned out to have more or better natural resources.  The electoral college is like electrical distribution.  It ensures a system that will work over the long haul and get the right amount of power to the right place at the right time.  It would be a mistake to change it and it would make us more prone to power overages, not power outages.  And, really, why should the losers dictate to the winners how the game should be played next time??