A Trumpocalypse Now

The American Brexit is a reality.  Now what??  In England the Elites and Establishment predicted the end of British life and the collapse of the European (and thus the world) economy.  None of that happened.  The E and E team then shifted to what leftists and elitists do when they lose; they took up an attempt to thwart the will of the people in the courts.  Anyone paying attention to the electoral process knew that the winner of this race was no prize and was not going to get a prize.  It was going to be a fight win or lose and it will be a fight.  People who are used to getting their way develop a sense of entitlement that is like breathing air… they expect it to be there when they inhale.  And when you go to get a lungful of air and it isn’t there, well, the flailing is not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

This was an election about the few, the high and the mighty dictating their worldview to the masses and shaming them or bullying them or tricking them into accepting it.  For many reasons they pushed too far to fast.  The main one is that they misread the election apocalypsenow.jpgof President Obama and the passage of great chunks of his agenda as a real move by the bulk of the country toward the left socially and economically.  America was not and is not a liberal left lean country.  It never has been.  No leftist has ever won high office running on a leftist agenda.  When the E and E’s pushed on the country (a lot of this I laid out in my article Trump and the Middle Finger) they got push back and rebuked.  That is the election in a nut shell.

It is very important for us to get this clearly in mind.  Trump is a vulgarian and not the best of us.  He may be a liar and he may be an authoritarian – in many ways his election reminds me of a now infamous statement by Nancy Pelosi who told us we’d have to pass ObamaCare to see what was in the law.  Now that Trump is President (elect) we will see what is in there – but this election was never about him.  Trump is not America.  We are not vulgar and crude and liars, and we don’t do well with authoritarians.  We are a nation of free people who want more than anything for our government to stay out of our lives and to let us find meaningful work, raise our families the way we see fit, love our neighbors, and worship God in the way of our choosing.  The E and E’s are going to go straight into full bully, shame, trick, and fear mongering mode.  They are going to tell us how horrible the country is for electing this man.  They are going to say America is Trump. It will be up to We the People to fight this nonsense.  It will be hard because what We the People want is to go back to living our lives and doing our jobs.  But we can’t do that now.  Trump is not to be trusted (clowns) and the Establishment is plotting how to take away the victory (jokers) and no war is won without occupying the ground taken.

I never believed a person or a political party would heal our country and bring its parts together.  You will be able to tell those who do believe that today.  Some are going to be despondent and others elated.  (I wrote my thoughts on this in Trump and Real Voter ID). I feel sorry for both groups today.  There’s no future in those beliefs.  I believe the answer for an upside down world is the church – a community filled with hope and truth and believing the gospel is for every person on earth.  There is a real and abiding equanimity in people who aren’t trying to derive their identity from earthly power structures or earthly justice or earthly relationships.  I’m teaching our church about what God did about the upside down world 2000 years ago…and if you think things are upside down today (whether left or right) you need to know this is not new and maybe not as bad as it has been many times in the past.  You can listen to these messages if you like. (Acts: God’s Answer for an Upside Down World).

There is a lot of work to do today.  It is good work and worthy of our time.  Be gracious to people who are hurting today and feeling hopeless.  Be vigilant and humble and clear about the future.  Don’t give up hard fought ground to either the vulgarians or the E and E’s.  Use the opportunity afforded by this shocking result to speak of true justice and hope and equality.  Be kind.

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