Why Your Vote Matters

Today all the citizens of the US get to vote.  We’ve endured a bruising campaign and now it fall to us to bring the election to a close, consume the result, and get busy living and working with the new leadership we will have tomorrow.  I’ve heard a lot of explanation, pleas, pontification, and, well politicking over votes.  A whole lot of people are very disappointed in the choices we have.  I think they all have multiple facebook accounts.  Don’t miss something because of all the noise and discouraging words.  Don’t miss the significant fact that no matter what else is going on around the election, no matter how rotten the choices feel or how discouraged about the country people are, one thing most of us can absolutely agree upon is that our vote is important.  I have a vote.  You have a vote.  We have a vote.  It is a sacred thing.  To some of us it is so valuable that you’ve decided not to spend it this election cycle.  I see where you’re coming from and I’ve heard you…and heard you and heard you.  OK.  I’m glad you love your vote and find it too dear to use it today.  But just an aside; you know you can’t keep it right?  It expires today.  You don’t get two votes next time.  If you’re vote really is all that valuable, you’d spend it on something.  The inheritance is running out.  It’s like Brewsters Millions.  Spend it or lose it all.  If its worth so much that you could spill that much digital ink over it, surely it is worth more than to pour it on the ground!  Go and write in the name of a person you believe in.  Vote.  Its a vote.  It matters.  And it is going to die today if you don’t use it or it will live forever if you do.  Your vote matters because a free election isn’t free and the peaceful transference of power cost many people a violent end to ensure.  For patriots sake don’t let it die.  Ityour-vote-matters.jpg matters.  Its a secret vote although so many have publicly proclaimed their intentions.  That was also a design of genius.  It means votes are a matter of conscience that no one but you can know unless you want it to be known.  Conscience is the essence of who you are.  Your vote matters because your conscience is who you are when no one else sees.  Exercising your vote is exercising your conscience.  It is not an essentially political act, it is an essentially spiritual act.  Go to the voting booth and face yourself.  Look at your choices.  Maybe you’ll see that you should vote for yourself because you have better ideas and more integrity and anyone you can think of…

I stood in line today and was excited to vote for the first time in a long time.  I think it was because the candidates are so flawed that it gave me time to think about this vote of mine, where it came from, how I feel about it, who we are, and who I am.  I saw my vote as a good thing, a precious thing, a sacred gift.  As I reflected on these things it became more clear than ever before how glad I am to belong to a Kingdom that allows me complete freedom of conscience and to a country that does the same thing.  I think I would say today for the first time I got to worshipping at the polling place.  Go vote and do it with a worshipping heart and courage to look thoroughly at who you are.  Your voting matters.