Trump and Real Voter ID

A friend of mine is working the polls in our city tomorrow.  We have a voter ID law in our state, so one of the things he will do is watch and listen for the procedure of presenting an ID and stating the voter’s name and address is followed.  I find it amazing we can’t even agree over using this simple method to prevent voter fraud.  It somehow intimidates a person to either obtain an acceptable form of identification or to have to present one in a polling place.  This, I am told, is something I would not understand because I am a white middle class man who doesn’t have to interact with The Man in an uneven power structure designed to keep me down and shut out of participating in the political process.  Well, I understand that I may not understand.  I’d like to deal with that problem more than I’d like to deal with voter ID problems.  I think it is probably true that some people are intimidated by contact with “officials” and “officers” and “departments of this and that.” It is a basic premise of the founding of this nation that citizens should not fear the government, but the government should fear the citizens.  And I mean in that second instance, the good and healthy form of fear that is awe mingled with respect and deference.

Do you know the reason our government no longer fears its citizenry?  The real reason? Our government no longer fears us because it has begun to function as if it is God.  And it will continue to act and talk and rule as if it is God for as long as and to the extent its citizens treat it as such.  You should be afraid of a government that tries to act like it is voter_id_pin_jpg_800x1000_q100-e1384548400373God, especially when it becomes more and more clear that those aspiring to and holding more and more of its reigns do not believe there is any other God.  When godless people obtain power they bring their own morality, justice, punishment and salvation.  They bring their own forms of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.  It only makes sense.  When the real God is dismissed, all of His characteristics that are built into the world must be supplied from somewhere.  We can’t live without them.

Ultimately, and I believe we are seeing this more clearly in this election than ever before, God is not elected and His substitutes will eventually reject any attempt to be subject to this kind of foolishness.  Who do you think you are trying to tell God whether or not you will endorse Him with a vote or not?  Silly peasant, you don’t get to vote for God.  God decides whether or not to vote for you.  Up or down.  In or out.  Saved or lost.  If you think the imperial presidency is a threat to America think again.  It is the godless Government God that cuts off all freedom in the name of secular progress that destroys the country completely if left unchecked.

The trouble with voter ID is that our voter’s IDs have gotten so small they can fit onto a plastic card presented at a ballot box.  This is what happens when we dismiss God.  We lose a real identity.  A Confusion of Identities is an article I wrote last year that expands upon this concept.  Take some time to read the whole thing but hear this now before you cast a ballot or someone asks you to identify yourself at a polling place:  the Christian gospel is the only voter ID that absolutely liberates you from being owned by a political party, a candidate, a government, or the result of an election.  It is an identity no one on earth can issue to you so no one on earth can ever take it away.  It is an identity guaranteed to last forever and to ensure that you have access to the highest power, lasting protection, complete fulfillment, absolute justice, and everlasting authentic wealth of relationship, hope, joy and all comfort.  It is an identity purchased for you by a God who cannot be discouraged by your failure and offered to you without payment other than the humility to accept it.  This is a real voter ID and if you have one it won’t matter if Trump wins or Hillary wins or if we find ourselves thrown into an election crisis of confidence.  You don’t have to participate in the crisis; you can rest in the knowledge that your identity was solid yesterday, held firm today, and isn’t in doubt tomorrow.

I hope for you and for us that you’ll vote with good cheer and face tomorrow with confidence knowing that ultimate power chose to elect you, not the other way around. Peace.


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