Trump and Black Votes Matter

The kids who ride my school bus refer to each other as “nigger” so regularly you’d think I would be immune to it by now.  But you can see by the fact that I dropped quotation marks around it that I’m not.  In fact I’m thinking about my job as a school bus driver and whether or not those quotation marks are strong enough to keep me safely in the non-racist world or if the radioactivity of the word inside them will break out and contaminate my whole life.  I’m told that I do not hear or pronounce the word the way these kids are saying it or hearing it.  On the pronunciation end I know that the word is the same word my father gave me a good spanking for when I used it on a neighborhood kid as a 6 year old in the 60’s when we lived in a D.C. suburb.  It is exactly the same word.  But I must not be hearing it the way they hear it.  It makes me cringe, and although I’ve decided to combat the regular use of the F-bomb and other standard Navy issue profanity on my bus, I’ve left that word alone even though to me it is much more profane.

This disconnection of language; this ownership of words by one group of people over another, is unhealthy, unhelpful, and it is a perpetuation of racism itself.  I imagine Martin Luther King Jr riding my school bus, seeing the diversity of the students going to the same school, living in the same neighborhood, wearing the same clothes, sitting in the same seats, and then hearing that one group of people on the bus are allowed to use racially charged words that another group cannot even imagine saying.  It is anathema to everything he wanted to accomplish.  It is the fly in the ointment that would ruin a magical mystery bus ride that is almost the very snap shot of his vision for America.

I have a dream.

The past week has seen some of the nastiest attacks in a long and nasty campaign, with President Obama and Hillary Clinton making very specific allegations that Donald Trump is a racist. A sampling of the attacks: Trump is endorsed by the official newspaper of the KKK, Trump will stop federal support to historically black colleges. Trump will take away medicare and medicaid from minorities, Trump will tear out Michelle’s garden.  Well that last one, although something Obama actually said may not be about Trump being a racist…maybe just a meanie.  If you are a Trump supporter these attacks make you pretty mad for a host of reasons (I will mention a few in a minute) but they should also encourage you.  You see in American politics today the real nuclear weapon – and I mean the big ICBM nuke, not battlefield tactical nuke – the real nuke is racism.   What does it mean when your opponent goes full nuclear strike?  Well it isn’t because they think they are winning…

I know the meme of the left has been that Trump is a racist.  Once again he hasn’t done himself any favors with his choice of words or his manner of delivering them.  What the left fails to grasp is what the majority of the country totally gets about Trump; he isn’t any more racist than the average person on the street. By that I mean he can’t help seeing the world through his white eyes the same way brown people see the world through their brown eyes.

There is no such thing as a person who has no racism.  There are people who are aware of their racism and there are people who are not.  The really ironic thing is that the most racist people in America are leftists, not Trumpists and they are bovinely unaware of it.  Think about it.  It takes a racists to see racism wherever you look.  It takes a person convinced that race is so significant in identifying people that to see a person as other than their race is impossible.  They really can’t get over this or around it.  The reason these people can’t hear what the rest of us hear when Trump talks is that they have a race shaped hearing aid and race tinted glasses.  These are the people who brought us “Chicago” as a racist term, voter ID’s are racist, criticizing Obama for anything is racist, talking about the constitution or Founding Fathers is racist, displaying the American flag is racist…you get the picture.  It takes a dog to hear a dog whistle.

What the elites and leftists don’t get is that those of us raised to be aware of our racism are actually pretty sure we aren’t racists… and it is in large part their doing.  They’ve effectively ridiculized (yes that is my new word for it) the issue to the breaking point.  At first white people thought the elites and establishment types might have a point.  They doubled checked themselves.  They looked at how they treated brown people in their lives and found out, by and large,  they treated them like everyone else.  Then they saw that brown people lived in their neighborhoods and went to their schools and shopped where they shopped and it got more difficult to see how exactly life was racist. Finally they saw that a brown person got elected to the presidency and thought that might actually be the end of saying that most of the country are racists.  But then the ridiculizing began and went on and on and on for    8   Long    Years   and they got tired of checking on their latent racism because they knew and know they are not racist.

And now they see Trump and hear Trump and the charges made against him and they’re done with that game. They aren’t willing to go along with the foolishness any more. They know what Trump means when he talks about walls and immigration and Islamic terrorism. They know what Trump is. What Trump is is a man who has successfully done business in America for 30 plus years without a hint of racism being leveled against him. What he is not is a politician who shapes words to fit into the dog whistle lexicon of the tender-eared elites. He actually talks like a man who knows he is not racist and doesn’t need to worry about being perceived as one. And if you listen to what Trump says instead of listening to what NPR says Trump said, you’ll find out that what he says is not racist. It may be stupid or untenable or unreasonable but racist? No. Not. And the more the left yelps the more the rest of us say “no” we won’t listen to this or accept it any more.

The truth about the left – the elites and establishment – the dirty litttle not so secret secret is that black lives really don’t matter to them but black votes really do matter. When Trump began campaigning in majority black communities and asked what the democrats have done for them lately and what they had to lose by taking a chance on him it was spot on. And it should’ve been obvious if for no other reason than this: where have the democrats been for the last 8 years other than when it came time to count noses at election time?  The answer? Nowhere. It’s worse than that actually. The last 8 years have been a disaster for minorities. The policies of the left have the the sound of compassion with no substance. And this doesn’t even begin to delve into the left’s ardent support for abortion “rights” and Planned Parenthood, an organization created to kill as many  of the “weak” and “undesirable” as possible which has facilitated an abortion rate for blacks that contributes to a net negative birth replacement rate.  Did you hear that?  Because of abortion blacks are now dying faster than blacks are born to our country.  It is a silent extermination of a race in America here and now.

So Trump is not a racist or at least not the kind of racist who supports killing hundreds of thousands of black babies. A wall is racist? Controlled immigration is racist? Saying that a judge who is a minority may  be biased in a case involving Trump is racist? Give me a break. Black lives matter to Trump and that’s why the black vote will matter on Tuesday. He will do better among minority voters than any republican since Reagan, and he will do it because minorities are the mind numbed sheeple the left thinks they are.  They are smart and capable and ready for real opportunities, not just rides to the voting booth.

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