Trump Killing Christians

Donald Trump is killing Christians.  At least the rhetoric from many Christians makes you feel like he is.  The pained posturing, pontificating, and pursed lips is pitiful to see.  Its like Trump put them in a cage and is lowering them slowly into a pool of water.  There’s no escape, no way out to either side.  What’s that old song say? Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.  Stuck.

Christians tell me they can never vote for someone like Trump.  I wonder what that means. Someone like Trump.  Do they mean a vulgar, sinful, mean, arrogant, unrepentant, profane, dangerous man?  I see their point.  But the counterpoint is pretty devastating. First of all there is no choice in this election between Moses and Esther. The next president will be Clinton or Trump; clowns, jokers, whatever you like to call it.  If you don’t like the choices a two party system produces you need to get involved in building other viable parties that can compete for seats at the policy table, not just cast a “protest vote” or “sit this one out” because you are so principled.  How much did you exercise those principles to change the system during the last four years?  Second, and more importantly, Moses and Esther were vulgar, sinful, mean, arrogant, unrepentant, profane, dangerous people.  No one who ever ran for or won the office of President of the United States has been anything other than this.  No one who ever lived was anything other than this if you accept the full implications of the doctrine of sin.  Christians speak of sin being utterly sinful and that every person is capable of the most heinous acts.  They say we are all under the same cloud of judgment and each one of us is in fact responsible for the highest crime ever committed in world history; the unlawful railroading and execution of the completely innocent Son of God, Jesus Christ.  From an authentically Christian point of view all the candidates in this race and any other race deserve a fate much worse than the FBI could ever mete out to them, and only through faith in Jesus can we hope to effect personal change and corporate change.

So it is a time for discernment and wisdom, not emotional, judgmental, fear pandering, bed wetters.  Christians should thrive in times like this when the choices are hard and the light is dim.  We have the mind of Christ.  We are the light of the world.  We are already elected.  An election will never make or break us.  God’s people have served in every form of government under all kinds of leaders.  Psychopaths and megalomaniacs, indecisive clownsjayand utterly ignorant, the people who belong to the God of the Bible have navigated all of it. Christians can vote for anyone and trust that God will hold the heart of the king in his hands.  That heart was in God’s hands when Christians had no say in their leadership and it has been when we are allowed to participate in choosing our leaders.  The early church leadership was so confident of the hands of God shaping their path that they narrowed the choices to replace the vacant Apostleship of Judas down to two people and then threw dice to see which one would take the slot.  They threw dice.  To decide who would be an Apostle.

So vote or don’t vote.  Vote for Trump or don’t vote for Trump, but please quit embarrassing the kingdom with all the drama and the fear and the holier than thou-ism. You are Trump.  We are Trump.  This isn’t opinion, it is doctrine.

I’m going to get up next Tuesday and vote for Trump.  He is the only person in the race that is saying anything coherent about trying to stop people who are actually killing Christians for the express reason that they are Christians.  He is also the first candidate for high office I’ve heard flatly say he is going to restrict and/or end abortion – the killing of the most innocent and unprotected of us.  I’ve got other reasons for voting this way that I may share another time, but for now I’ll say I’m not afraid of voting for a despicable sinner.  At least I can see what I’m getting.  Trump isn’t politician enough to sort out how to cover up his sin.  He doesn’t know how American politicians are all supposed to be bright shiny people.  Personally I’ve seen enough of how dull the shiny people are, and I’m convinced the only brightness our country is going to get is going to come from the church being fearless and leading our leaders instead of hunkering down and praying for the Rapture.