Do You Have Doubts?

doubt-faith-copyI am a pretty skeptical person.  How about you?  Tend to believe everything you hear or tend to be doubtful until there’s proof?  Skepticism (brother-in-law to Cynicism) is a trait many of us take for granted as “right” and “sensible.”  But have you ever taken a moment to doubt your doubts?  If we are going to be consistent skeptics, shouldn’t we be skeptical about our own skepticism?  Why is it better to doubt everything and how do I know which doubts are healthy and which are unhealthy?  Skepticism actually turns out to be a faith system – ie I only believe what I see or what is proved, or at a deeper level of skepticism, I don’t believe that anything can be known at all.  Do you see the faith commitment it takes to be a skeptic?  You must believe nothing outside of what is proved to you is valid…and that itself can’t be proven, it can only be taken on faith.  The human heart has no way to function outside faith commitments.  Even our doubts are radical leaps of faith.



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