Spinning in the Dark

Have I told you I love our early morning instructors at the Y?  I do.  I love them for getting out of bed and having more energy than me so I can put my mind on auto-pilot and work out to their routine.  I always try to keep that in mind when I feel complaints welling up inside.  So there it is, my disclaimer.  Now; what’s up with freaking spin classes in the dark at 6am in the winter???  In fact, what’s up with spin classes in the dark period.  My wife told me I had to try spin classes when they first came out years ago.  This is the woman who did step aerobics into the eighth month of both her pregnancies, Jane Fonda stretch spin-revolve1leotard and all.  She knows her workouts.  She said this is really fun.  A bunch of people riding stationary bikes together in a room with good music.  It took some convincing but I finally went.  And I liked it.  All except she didn’t mention you did this in the dark, or in the very close to dark.  What’s the deal with that?  Is it really so hideous to see other fatties sweating it out a few feet away?  We even had one instructor who insisted on placing herself in complete darkness.  Now there’s a plan.  Watch me, I’m calling out the moves here, oh wait a minute while I turn down the lights so you can’t see me.  Another class I asked the instructor to turn up the lights a bit and about five spinners had a conniption.  Seems they couldn’t get their spin on in the light.  Does that even make sense at all?  Not to me.  One of our first spin instructors got in the habit of telling us how sleepy she was every time she got a class going.  I know why!!  People sleep in the dark!  People don’t work out in the dark!  So I contemplate these things on my spin bike at 6am trying to wake up and get my head and heart pointed in the right direction.  Its dark.  An unusually bad blend of music plays.  7 minute long techno distortion, a worn out pop song, heavy metal hell band.  Spinning in the dark.  And I sweat.  My hear rate gets up – which is the only reason I’m here – elevate the heart-rate for 30 minutes a day.  I look at my wife spinning in the next bike.  At least she is close enough to see.  I like looking at her.  Sometimes I steal a smile.  Even in the bad songs I find a beat that I can work with and even in the dark on a stationary bike we are going somewhere together.  Getting healthier.  Getting going together.  Spinning in the dark doesn’t make much sense, but it doesn’t stop us from finding something good in it.  There is good to be found.  It only takes a little light to find it and a little beat to hear it.  It is there.  He is here.

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