What My Wife Likes to Wear

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There is a perfume my wife wears that makes me nuts.  Its called Pleasures…yeah.  She wears it well.  But there is no perfume that can make a woman smell so good as the compliments of her husband.  The scent of a well loved woman is obvious to anyone around her.  A man who takes out a bottle of the finest praise and pours it all over his wife will fill his home with the fragrance of life.  And thats really what we want more of right?  Just life.  None of us is too poor to afford the most expensive and desirable cologne.  We should use it lavishly.  Does your home, your marriage smell like a locker room?  Full of competition and clashes and cutting words?  Mine has.  Plenty of times.  Its usually because I’ve treated my wife like one of the guys instead of treating her like she is a woman, The woman.  The one I chose and the one who chose me.  Competition is over.  We won.  Cutting words are really putting down my own self, belittling my own choosing.  Calling myself a loser.  Cutting my self down.  The reason we don’t have enough compliments to pour out on our wives isn’t that they are not worthy of them, its because we lost sight of who we are.  The world takes it out of us.  The world gives us nothing if we con’t pay for it in sweat and blood and time.  Compliments?  Did we earn them??  More than that the constant pressure of bosses and banks and brothers pushing us out of shape, putting us down so they can go up on our backs.  It is hard.  Very hard to see ourselves rightly.  Listen carefully.  The reason you don’t give compliments to your wife any more isn’t that she “lost it” some where, its because you lost it.  You stopped seeing yourself for what you are; a man.  A man who lives before the eyes of God.  What does God think of you?  If his eyes condemn who can stand up?  Who can fight back?  Who can wrestle against that power and win?  But if that God renders and opinion about you, if He compliments you, who will contradict it?  Who will take it from you?  If only you could know what He thinks of you.  Does he render a good opinion?  Does He compliment?  The gospel says yes.  He gives an opinion.  He offers his praise.  You are worthy of it.  We are worthy of it.  He heaps praises upon us through the gospel.  He thinks so highly of us that we are stamped with it.  Complimentary.  Free.  Given without asking a price.  Paying the price so that it can be given.  Look at you.  Man before God.  God looks upon you with favor.  Do you believe it?  Do you accept this opinion?  This compliment?  Now look at your wife.  Pour out life in your home.

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