Rejoice When You Find Your Hands in the Trash?


Tuesdays are the days we put our recycle bins out. The recyclable truck always comes earlier than the regular trash truck. You can hear it several streets away rumbling forward and beeping backward. I’ve never seen the recyclable man smile. He is a very unhappy looking man. His hands jerk things out of the bins as if they were wayward children needing a good shove because they were unruly. Some stuff he throws back into the bins, and then he tosses the bins back down on the street. It’s all very unhappy looking. I like the blue recycling bins and what they represent. It makes me happy to fill them up with things that won’t go into a landfill. I wonder what the recyclable man thinks about when he gets up each day. Did he ever consider his job to be important to the environment? When he took the job did social good ever cross his mind? I am sure of this: it is hard to keep a good perspective when your hands are in the trash all day long.

1 thought on “Rejoice When You Find Your Hands in the Trash?

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