Who to Vote for Tomorrow

First of all, I might have done better to write a post about why you should vote tomorrow, but honestly, I’m a bit tired of all the melodramatic angst filled mealy mouthed other worldly talk coming out of a lot of people about withholding their vote as a symbolic act.  I don’t have time to address you people right now, so go and get a juice box while the grown ups talk.

state-flag-virginiaI’m in Virginia and the most significant race we’re voting in tomorrow is for our next governor.  Our last two governors are in the US Senate now, and one of them was a recent chairman of one of the two major political parties.  Virginia is a significant player in national elections.  The governor’s seat in my state is a key position in the national politics of the most powerful nation on earth.  All that said, the candidates for that seat are nothing to write home to mom about.  This is the Old Dominion.  Washington, Jefferson, Madison…I could go on forever.  Neither of the two people likely to win tomorrow will ever deserve mentioning in the same breath as those Virginians.  The campaign is brutal and dirty.  Unlike most, that doesn’t bother me.  Negative ads are part of American politics and ALWAYS have been (if you think Jefferson was a political saint you are just sadly misinformed).  Campaign ads, positive and negative are informative.  They are useful in making a choice on who you will vote for.

And here is how to know who to vote for tomorrow in my book:  realize that both (or all) candidates are seriously flawed.  All of them in every election have been really broken people.  They’ve done and said stupid things.  They’ve made bad mistakes.  They’ve kicked dogs and cussed.  They’ve made decisions based on money and political gain.  They have regrets.  Both of them are really worse than the negative ads could ever convey.  All the campaign contributions couldn’t pay for the length of negative ads that told the complete story of how despicable they really are.  Get it?  We are not electing saviors for thrones, we are electing sinners for a time.  And the sinner I am going to support is the one who seems most likely to know they are a sinner and act accordingly.  I am going to use my discernment to detect the faintest hint of humility.  I am going to assume pride is there in all its destructiveness, so I won’t be astounded by it or discouraged about it.  But I will listen for genuine lowliness of spirit. I’ve listened to these two men and their campaigns for long enough.  I’m ready for the ads to quit invading all of my football games, ready to vote for the biggest loser – that is the only one of the two I have any hope will govern like my own master, Jesus.  One of the two will always be worse in their own eyes than the other – that will be my candidate tomorrow and in every election.  I pray that the eyes of our hearts may be open to see at least this much clearly: a mustard seed of self doubt in our candidate.

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