8 Thoughts About Giants and God

Reading 1 Samuel 17

1.  God never told David to take on Goliath – our course often lacks specific God words, all of us must move in faith that we do in fact have a God no matter where we go.

2.  David’s motives are mixed:  rewards, fame, God’s name – so what?  wait until you purify your motives and you will never act.  Let God sort this out for you and keep moving.

3.  God’s purposes could have been accomplished even if Goliath had crushed David –  being God’s anointed does not mean you are safe from harm, if you don’t believe it see Jesus.

4.  Maybe David always intended to knock the giant down and then kill him or maybe he was just improvising, but either way he went into the fight without everything (physically) he needed to finish the job – the perfect conditions to take action don’t exist and won’t.

5.  It is easier to cut off a giant’s head when it is lying down rather than when it is standing upright.

6.  When you decide to kill a giant other people (probably older, more powerful, and more experienced) will (a) criticize you and (b) have ideas about how you should do it.

7.  The only good reason to take on a giant is if it is in the way of God’s purposes.

8.  If this was the modern church all the army of Israel would’ve thrown down their spears and swords and made slingshots before they ran after the rest of the Philistine army.

Bonus thought:  If you read this story and don’t get that it is pointing you to the true and greater David who takes on our giants at the cost of his life, and whose victory is imparted to us who stand around watching without lifting a finger, you are really missing everything.  Don’t try to be like David, invite the greater David to be your champion.Did Jesus Die

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