How to Move and Be Still

Untitled1Being still is not the same thing as staying still.  Although the central imagery associated with God is a king seated on a throne – the world He created to reveal Himself is a perpetual motion machine.  Nothing in the universe is still.  Earth spins, planets orbit, stars and galaxies expand.  God is seated and He never ceases to move.  Our feet are planted yet we move without ceasing.  “Be still and know I am God,” the Creator says to us. Be at rest, relax in the knowledge that I AM, and in knowing this: Create.  Run.  Laugh.  Love.  Be still and be full of movement like a spiritual gyroscope – gyroscopes are simply wheels spinning around a common axis which will always come back to their center line after they’ve been disturbed.   They are great for navigation because they are consistent in their orientation.  Maintain your orientation toward God, be still AND move.  Not only will you stay on course, others will be able to find their way through you.

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