Cracked Good

A story from China:  a workman carried two pots down to the river to fetch water each day.  One was a fine pot, well made and sturdy, the other pot was old and full of cracks.  After many years of use the cracked pot cried out to its master.  “Master, please crush me and throw me onto the trash heap!  I am no good to you.  Every day you carry me to the river and fill me with water, and by the time we get back home I am empty.  I am a truly useless pot!”

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The master smiled and said to the pot, “But you are my favorite pot.  You are most useful to me.  Look along the pathway to the river and see all of the beautiful flowers.  I planted those flowers and I love them.  They make my walk pleasant.  Each time we walk to the river to get water, you water my flowers as we come home.  I chose you because of your cracks!”

Don’t despise the way you were made.  The gospel assures us there is nothing about us beyond the reach of God’s redemption…even our cracks.

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