Missing the Miracle for the Mess

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There is a story in the New Testament about some men with a paralyzed friend.  They couldn’t find a way to get through the crowd around Jesus, who was teaching in a house.  Climbing up on the roof and hoisting their paralyzed friend up after them, they dug a hole and lowered him down to the Healer.  Jesus saw their faith and called the paralytic into health of body and soul.  I never thought of this before, but I’m pretty sure when Jesus and the rest of the throng left, nobody stayed around to patch the roof.  It probably didn’t take long for the owner of the house to see that his roof was ruined.  Maybe his wife pointed out the problem for him.  Regardless its no good to have a hole in your roof.  Miracle man and paralyzed boy are gone and all that’s left is a mess that must be fixed.  I wonder if the man with the messed up roof was the type of man who swept his floor and patched his roof with a light heart; a heart full of wonder at what happened there, or if he lost sight of the miracle in light of the mess it left.  I know this:  everyone wants to be part of a miracle, but not many want the mess that goes along with them.  Its hard to see miracles even after they are done because they all leave a mess behind.  Maybe this is why it is so hard for us to keep our eyes on the greatest miracle of all – the gospel is good news, but it is messy.

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