Phil Collins, Gilligan’s Island & Revelation


I get songs caught in my head.  When I was a kid it was the theme song from Gilligan’s Island, as a teenager, In The Air Tonight, by Phil Collins.  But sometimes I couldn’t get the lyrics right.  I know this is shocking nowadays when every song is available any time, but there was a time when you got it on the first run on the radio or view on TV and had to wait until you caught it again, or actually went to a store and bought a whole album even if you only liked one song.  In The AIr particularly stumped me.  “I can feel it comin’ in the ed-doo-nite???”  I’m embarrassed to say I made up nonsense words for years.  The obvious clue never got my attention (the title of the song…yeah I’m not swift).  Gilligan was the same.  At the send off theme played after an episode a stanza says “They’ll have to make the best of things…its enough to cry???”  At least I made up real words for that one.images (1)

I can’t tell you how many times I heard those songs before I got the words.  Many, many times.  Then one time I heard them differently somehow.  “I can feel it comin’ in the air tonight, oh Lord.” Yes!!!!  That’s it!  “They’ll have to make the best of things, its an uphill climb.” Yeah!  And once I got it I got it.  I sang differently.  I sang the songs with my whole voice and even with my whole heart.  This is how revelation works.  We hear and hear and hear and then one day we Hear.  We get it.  The words didn’t change, we did.  And once we change the words make sense.  We enter into them in new ways with new enthusiasm.  We can even share them with others because now they belong to us wholly.  Keep listening and keep asking for revelation.  In the meantime, sing and share what you have.  We can be sure of this; the gospel story proves that God is not holding back lyrics that we need right now to sing full songs, and he is willing to share all his lyrics with us.

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