Answers From the Top

We all look for answers every day. Google. TV. Teachers. Friends. We need answers. We need good answers, true answers, helpful answers, especially when the chips are down. When King David fled from his home chased by his own son, it was one of those times. Everything on the line. Life and death. Even though David was a broken man, a man who failed God in the past and didn’t do a good job leading his family, he had one thing going for him: he believed he could get answers from God. He could get answers from what he called “holy hill.” Think of that. Answers from God’s holy hill. It is not just the height of the answer – who could give an answer from a higher perspective than God’s hill? – but it is the comprehensive nature of the answer. Holy means whole. Complete. It means an answer that is complete and comes from completeness. God isn’t guessing when he speaks nor is God ever giving us the answer he thinks we want to hear. He is whole. He has nothing to get from us by massaging the words he gives us. He doesn’t have to measure his words hoping to get something out of us. He is Holy! He doesn’t give answers to get anything from us. Try that with any other source. Google gives answers in exchange for advertising dollars. Teachers get paid to give answers. Friends and lovers give answers according to both their need and their low level perspective. Give me answers from holy hill. And give me the sense to live with them.

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