This morning I asked Tina what she thought of Gravity.  She said, “I liked it.  We talked


about this last night.”  I said, “Movies are like eating a meal for me.  There are times when I’m eating and I think I like the taste of the food, but later on the aftertaste isn’t so good.”

Anyone feel that way?  Ever taken something into your mind and later discovered that it left a bad taste in your soul?  Ever found an image coming back up like indigestion?  We are free to eat what we want, but some things are better left out of our spirit’s diet. Jesus said God’s words were always good and life giving.  God’s words can actually work the other way.  They can be bitter in my mouth, but afterwards are sweet in my soul.

In the case of Gravity, it still tastes good today.  I think I may even go back for seconds.

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