Can’t Keep Swimming

How far can you swim? How long can you stay afloat? What if you discover there is no shore in sight in any direction, how would you know which way to go? And would it take your heart away? As I held a new born baby boy this week I realized he was just like me. Born afloat. Born swimming without knowing how to swim. For a while others will be his buoyancy. He will get a false sense of self sufficiency from this. He will begin to stroke away. His parents will encourage him. It is natural.


Everyone wants to see a person learn to swim on their own. But eventually we know that not only are we swimming alone, we are swimming in a shoreless ocean. We don’t have a choice. We did not ask for it. We are dropped into the depths alone. It may take a long time to find out. It may take a lifetime before our arms get tired and we start to sink. We need a shore and we need real help to get there. Otherwise we will sink. What is your shoreline and where do you get help? This will define your life, values, and attitude.

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